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Wheatstone for TV

We get it. You don’t want to mess around with all those channels of audio that need to be routed, mixed, edited and made to sound natural and seamless with what’s happening on video. All of which can be especially frustrating now that 5.1 surround is added to the mix. That’s why we have eliminated all the inefficiency and bloat from TV audio production. Wheatstone has a Network First approach that you’ll like – a lot. We’ve moved everything routing and logic related to the network and replaced that gargantuan console with a much more efficient, compact network console. We’re talking unrestricted routing and unrestricted access just below the surface, but with everything you need above the surface to do it all, and do it fast.


SR8-FRONT-420The SR-8 is the answer to your Gibraltar Network access needs in places where a Gibraltar I/O frame won't fit or isn't needed. Providing local I/O on XLR connectors in a single rack space configuration, the SR-8 is ideal for studio, booth, or stage.

POWERHOUSE! Gibraltar Network Rocks!

GibraltarNetworkCageFront 420Plug into the most prolific studio routing and audio infrastructure out there. More ultra-professional installations are done in broadcast radio and television using Wheatstone’s Gibraltar Network than any other. And, for good reason. It’s absolutely rock-solid with minimum fuss. Choose from Gibraltar Network’s family of television audio and radio control surfaces and mix and match I/O cards for a custom system that includes all routing in one cage or several remote satellite cages connected via CAT6 or fiber-optic links.

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Multimedia Madness

FreeBeerAndWIngsphoto 420If you wanted to mess with cameras all day you wouldn’t have gone into radio, right?

It’s not just YouTube, either. Or the website that needs a continual stream of video and audio, or the photo bombs that are going off all day, every day. Or even that the morning guys are running all over town with a microphone and a camera.

It’s that multimedia is such a huge production now, and it’s beginning to get in the way of that other major production: radio. “We’ve got cameras and streaming wares and everybody (in the studio) has something in front of them, laptops and tablets and iPads. Multimedia doesn’t even begin to describe it,” says Mike Maciejewski, who is the engineer in charge of Townsquare’s five-station cluster in Grand Rapids, Michigan, home of nationally syndicated morning show Free Beer & Hot Wings.

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The Wheatstone Development Process

WheatIdeaFactoryVideoSplash 6 9 IP

Hardware engineer Dave Breithaupt kicks off a discussion with Jay Tyler and Andy Calvanese about the development process. It takes surprisingly little time for an idea to become a product at Wheatstone, thanks to the "tool box" we've developed over our 35+ years in the audio business.

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We asked some of our folks to go on camera and simply talk to each other. We think you'll like what they had to say... unrehearsed and unscripted.

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Miking Players on the Sports Field

Football 420Dan Daley, who covers sports and audio production for the industry, tipped us off to a new technique for capturing audio during live sporting events.

“They (NFL) experimented with placing wireless lavaliers on different player positions, so what you’re hearing now is the mic placed on the back of the center and that signal is sent to the console that is controlled by the NFL, which opens the fader on that microphone at a preset number of seconds before the snap and closes it a preset number of seconds after the snap. We’re getting some really great audio from the field as a result and I think the NFL experience is making everyone else look at it.”


New Wheatstone Gear In New Zealand



Popular national radio and TV personality Simon Barnett with 92 More FM in Christchurch says he's "twice the announcer" at the controls of his new LX-24 control surface, which was installed as part of a new studio after an earthquake shook things up in New Zealand.




Shop Talk with Ross Video

Jeff-Moore 420It started long before all that gear came together to form the totality of your news studio or production truck. Broadcast equipment manufacturers often get together to exchange ideas, share stories, and discuss the ins and outs of the industry and the latest technology. Here, we check in with fellow manufacturer Jeff Moore, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer of Ross Video, to talk about 4K, IP video, and the World Cup.


WS: Everyone has been following the World Cup to see who wins, but I understand that Ross Video has another reason to follow the World Cup.  

JM: That’s right. We have some 4K equipment at World Cup that is being used by Globo TV. It’s one of the first 4K productions being done, and it’s pretty cool. We have a couple of products we’ve deployed in that installation, and it’s fairly exotic. We’re still at the bleeding edge for 4K, but we believe that, ultimately, the industry will get there.

WS: I think most broadcast manufacturers are preparing for the eventuality of 4K. We certainly are as a television audio console manufacturer with a large installed base of television stations and sports networks.  Where do you think we’re at with 4K as an industry?

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Audio for TV Console Life Expectancy

WheatVideoSplash TV 6 23

In this video, Our TV guys, Phil, Brad, and Paul, discuss the changing meaning of life and longevity for TV audio consoles.

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We asked some of our folks to go on camera and simply talk to each other. We think you'll like what they had to say... unrehearsed and unscripted.

To see more videos from this series, feel free to visit here:

Wheatstone Inside The Idea Factory Videos

Meet John Terrey

TerreyEdit 420“If you look at the workflows in television right now, everything is going file-based and IP. Once you capture it on camera and mic and mix it through a board, it is transported as digital content.

This is creating tremendous opportunities for simplification of the broadcast chain and for transporting the content within a broadcast facility as well as in mobile production. In the end, it all comes down to networking.”

- John Terrey, new sales engineer in charge of Wheatstone’s line of TV audio consoles and network routing systems. John joins Wheatstone with more than 30 years’ experience in the broadcast industry, having worked in a variety of segments, from test and measurement to live production, post-production and transmission.

Audio Changes In Music & Television...

BobMosesALT 420We asked AES Executive Director Bob Moses about the similarities between the changes happening in music and television today. “There are definite parallels between the two. 

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TV Networking. The One Constant.

TV Networking 420We opened up our browsers today and saw the latest news on IP video, Ultra HD and the Aereo lawsuit.

And that’s when it hit us.

We don’t know if Aereo will prevail or what, if any, affect the resulting Supreme Court decision will have on television broadcasters and cable operators. We can’t tell you whether the UHF band will be auctioned off to wireless carriers, or if ATSC 3.0 will be used to scale up to 4K or 8K or any K beyond that.

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Sizing Up (or Down) TV Audio

SizingTV UPPhil Owens remembers the days not so long ago when getting a television audio console into the studio meant taking a window out, cutting holes in walls, even getting a crane to lift the behemoth thing through a window. Now, "I've had guys tell me that the hardest part of putting in one of our digital audio consoles is taking the old one out," he said.

It's understandable then that a trend we've started to call Big Console/Little Console is a laughable concept to Owens, one of our sales engineers who rightly insists that today's digital console is anything but "big."

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Wheatstone Introduces Dimension Three

DimensionThreeOperatorView 420

It’s the best of all worlds. Easy I/O layering and profiling of channels into any configuration on the surface. Plus, unlimited access to sources at any time, from anywhere and in just about any format from the network. It’s our new Dimension Three large-format television audio console. We’ve put mixing, I/O and processing where a modern IT network puts them: in distributed network I/O units unrestricted by tight spaces and limited access. And, we’ve included everything you need on the surface, right down to USB interfaces on the meter bridge so freelancers can bring in their USB Flash drives week after week or show after show for instant recall of console settings, configurations and layering preferences -- plus, audio files for the built-in audio clip player. We think our sleek new console looks pretty hot, too.

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Meet Series Four

NAB SERIES FOUR 350This entry-level professional console is made to work with today’s production automation systems, yet has all the important broadcast-specific features, such as automatic studio muting, machine control logic, 5.1 surround capability, balanced or unbalanced AES inputs, router integration, and flexible monitoring capability.

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Wheatstone Takes Five Industry Awards at NAB 2014!

5Awards2014 420

Wheatstone introduced some exciting new products at NAB 2014, and it appears that the industry noticed! Wheatstone was presented with an unprecedented five Best of Show awards for its BLADE 3, L-12, SG-192, Dimension Three, and Series Four products.

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From NAB 2014: New TV Products

New TV Products Video

In this video, shot in our booth on the show floor at NAB 2014 in Las Vegas, Wheatstone's Phil Owens walks you through two of Wheatstone's new television audio consoles: The Dimension Three and the Series Four.

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